Every technology
pursues a VISION

in which the adaptability of sites is no longer an issue. We called it Dynamic Web Expanding.

User-centred AI

Focused power for extraordinary outcomes.

This is the aim we work for: to enable enterprise sites to adapt in real-time, automatically, effortlessly and at scale to the changing needs of their users to reach their full organic potential.

It's not only traffic. It's business.

Machine Learning

Our system continuously improves, learning with each result and iteration on what works best for the users of each site.

Natural Language Processing

To enhance the user experience, it is necessary to interpret the contents of the pages to link to take into account relationships beyond sharing categories or structure.


Configuring connection to necessary data sources is a matter of minutes, and after that, DWX integrates seamlessly with your site employing our REST API. The output data format can be customized and adapted to your necessities.


Choose the way you prefer DWX to operate, either via cloud or deployed on your premises.

DWX Book


How AI Can Unlock Your Growth

Learn how AI can help you drive more traffic, automate processes, scale efficiently and capitalise on new opportunities quickly.


The DWX Technology

Technology - Effortless Automatization at Scale

Effortless Automatization
at Scale

We know you have to be very cautious before implementing any automation at scale. We've been there.

Our full-tested technology allows you to effortlessly and safely:

  • Insert the inlinks your site needs.
  • Create new URLs that respond to existing demand.
  • Guide Google to focus on crawling the URLs that convert.
  • Unify your structure by user intent through removing duplicated intention URL’s.
Technology - Cloud and secure

It's Cloud. It's Secure

Learn more about Data & Security
Technology - Reliable and flexible

It's Reliable. It's Flexible

DWX goes in favor of site’s UX and does not affect its performance.

Same DWX.
Many Industries

DWX's processes and decision matrix can be adapted to every situation, site structure or result expected to boost the performance.

DWX industries - Classifieds


Whether it is a data aggregation platform or a user-generated content site, DWX fits the necessities of a dynamic platform, leveraging your SEO potential.

arrow white rightDWX industries - Ecommerce


Increase product discovery with our solution for brands, retailers and manufacturers, while increasing the traffic potential of your overall site.

arrow white rightDWX industries - Comparators

Comparison sites

Index what matters and engage with what your customer needs, with the most efficient way to leverage resources to gain traffic.

arrow white rightDWX industries - Media


Find the perfect way to boost the user information flow, allowing content to be an asset to the user entertainment at your site.


The Key Pro-Tips of Internal Linking

An internal linking best practices interactive guide for different types of sites and different types of pages.


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