Data Authentication


DWX integrates data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console Using REST & OAuth 2.0.

From DWX, when you sign in to data with a provider that uses OAuth, you are redirected to the provider’s sign-in page. After you provide your credentials and authorise DWX to access your data, the data provider sends DWX an access token that uniquely identifies requests from DWX.

Using OAuth 2.0 connections provides the following benefits:

- Security: Your credentials are never known to or stored in DWX Server, and the access token can be used only by DWX. Its two-factor nature and use of tokenisation prevent the single factor disclosure of accounts.

- Convenience: Instead of embedding your data source ID and password in multiple places, you can use the token provided by the data source service to access the information hosted in that provider, having full control of what can and cannot be accessed.

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