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The beast that feeds on data.
DWX is the only AI platform of its kind purpose-built for automating enterprise search marketing processes to unlock your organic growth.
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AI Platform - Machine Learning Driven SEO

Machine Learning Driven SEO

Different websites have different processing necessities. Using a fully configurable set of rules, DWX analyzes the whole site's structure to determine the optimal output. Our system reviews every site wide process outcome, learning what’s working and what’s not, so its performance and results improve each and every time.

AI Platform -DWX SEO Crawler

DWX SEO Crawler

Having our own, customizable crawler allows our customers to be as accurate as they need when identifying the URLs to be boosted in performance. These can be filtered by URL path (using regex expressions), by XPath elements, CSS Classes present in the HTML or any combination of those elements.

AI Platform - DWX Rank

DWX Rank

DWX AI Platform uses a PageRank algorithm implementation to balance the internal link juice based on each URL's authority, making the most out of every link. Balancing internal linking improves global SEO performance, allowing pages to gain traffic by ranking better for more keywords.

AI Platform - DWX Connect

DWX Connect

Smooth and secure data integration.

Using our REST API, your site will be able to retrieve the data and embed it on your site's structure, without affecting the normal user experience.

DWX AI Platform is easily integrated into the necessary data sources, providing an opportunity cost you've probably never seen before.

We'll walk you through the process in about 15 minutes (we promise!).

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FAQs about DWX AI Plaftorm

What is DWX AI Platform?

DWX is the only purpose-built AI platform of its kind you'll find on the market for automating your enterprise search marketing processes to unlock and boost your organic growth. You can use the platform to unlock your site’s Organic Growth through our ML and AI boosted SaaS SEO solutions while testing your site’s performance with our custom Algorithms to discover opportunities.

In addition, having our own customisable crawler allows you to be as accurate as you need when identifying the URLs to be boosted in performance.

Why should I use DWX?

Connecting to DWX will have, from the beginning, a direct impact on your results, increasing organic traffic on relevant pages of your site. Staying connected to our AI Platform will become a key competitive advantage for your business, based on their continuous learning about your site and your users.

Join eBay Classifieds Group and other enterprises that grow with DWX AI Platform. Forecast now your SEO growth opportunity here.

How to get started?

The fastest way to get started with DWX is to create a growth opportunity free trial of DWX InLinks here. You will be able to analyse 30K representative URLs of your site to seize the growth opportunity.

Run through this Quick Start Guide to better understand how DWX works!

What is the cost?

DWX’s price is process run-based, reflecting the value you get from our AI platform. It means that you pay for results, not only usage.

Want to discuss pricing and features with us? Get a demo of DWX that's tailored for you. Here's what you can expect:
1. Schedule a call so we can understand your requirements.
2. In-depth demo to showcase how DWX will benefit your business.
3. We'll give you a free and non-binding opportunity forecast and a plan to get you up and running.

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Is it secure?

DWX meets your enterprise's security providing industry-standard secure access and controls:
- Authentication. Single sign-on: We have integration with Okta.
- Encryption. We encrypt all sensitive data both at rest and in-transit using robust, industry-leading encryption algorithms.
- Data center security. DWX production services run in an isolated Virtual Private Cloud on Google Cloud Platform, which has all relevant best practice compliance certificates.
- Audit logs. Any access to customer data in cases when customers need our assistance is exhaustively logged and regularly audited. No data is accessed unless we cannot provide support to our customers without doing so.
- Uptime. We save frequent encrypted backups to ensure the data is safe and secure, and store them redundantly across multiple availability zones. We use third-party monitoring services to track DWX's availability.

Read more about our security here.

Does DWX have an API?

Yes! DWX's API lets you programmatically retrieve data to be analysed and execute particular actions, such as starting a DWX InLinks process.

This API provides access to a variety of different resources, including the following:
- DWX InLinks projects
- DWX InLinks processes
- DWX User information

More information about our API here.

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