Our Story

Founded by a pioneered team from Bilbao and Barcelona, DWX builds a SaaS SEO Platform that enables enterprise sites to reach their full organic potential.

From Idea To Industry

It all started with a vision in which websites could automatically adapt in real-time, effortlessly and at scale to the changing needs of their users to reach their full organic potential.

Today DWX ® AI Platform and the brand new DWX InLinks solution are already making that vision a reality.

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Likedin Profile

Iñigo Flores

Co-founder & CEO

Combined Shape

Marcos Herrera

Co-founder & Head of Product

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Josu Tellaeche

Co-founder & Product Lead

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Rafa Haro

Co-founder & CTO

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Eder Isuskiza

Head of Finance

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Enric Viladoms

UX Lead

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Maialen Madariaga

Growth Marketing

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Iker Meabe

Backend Engineer

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Nacho Sáenz de Tejada

Full Stack Engineer

Global Delivery

Just like our platform, our company finds strength in cloud distribution.
Our local yet global team culture leads to our success.

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