Top tier Classifieds boosts organic traffic by 15% with InLinks

How a single run of DWX InLinks optimised internal linking of business-relevant URLs, improving its rankings.



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DWX InLinks

The Challenge

On a site with more than 15M URLs in constant change, it is impossible to tackle SEO tasks such as optimising its internal linking manually. Our client, aware of the potential to increase its organic traffic by optimising internal linking, required a scalable and automated solution that could be adapted to both its business model and its users' behaviour and needs.

The Solution

DWX InLinks:
  • Crawled 10M URLs and analysed the health of the entire site's internal linking, providing the client with data and valuable insights about it.
  • Identified the first group of 50K URLs with a lower DWX Rank / Page rank than the ones within their category, which were ranking and performing better, which had an attractive traffic opportunity and could contribute towards business goals.
  • Generated the relationship models to balance internal linking and trespassed the necessary authority from pages with topic similarity, so those 50K URLs could improve positions.
  • Made it easy for the client to insert the new 480K internal links on the site directly.
  • Automatically DWX ran a QA process that the link insertion had gone as planned, so the client didn't have to worry about a thing.

The Results

In a single DWX InLinks Run, the client obtained a YOY increase of 15% in organic traffic of the 50K target URLs in a scenario of the rest of the site falling (- 4,3% YOY).

Next Steps

The insights obtained in the Run also allowed prioritising new actions with high impact on results:
  • Increase the scope of URLs.
  • Propose actions at scale after analysing the PageTypes that lack a more significant number of links based on the DWX Crawler data.
  • Remove links to non-relevant pages that consume PageRank.

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