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One of the most important responsibilities of SEO professionals is to properly handle the internal linking of a website. That is why it is so useful for them to have an internal linking tool that facilitates all the tasks associated with this process.

The benefits of optimized internal linking are multiple for search engine positioning: it helps to achieve a better content structure, makes it easier for search engines to crawl and (therefore) allows higher and better indexing of pages.

Without crawling and indexing, a website would not appear in rankings.

Internal Linking Tools: How to Stop a Recurring SEO Problem

There are numerous tools for auditing a website, finding broken links or making suggestions to improve internal linking. These are some of them:

  • Screaming Frog (https://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/): Tool known by all SEOs. Screaming Frog, as a good crawler, allows users to extract reports related to the URLs of the analyzed site, helping them to better understand its structure and find broken links. Screaming Frog also introduced Link Score in 2018. Link Score helps users identify the relative importance of URLs based on the internal linking architecture of a site.
  • Link Opportunities - Site Audit (Ahrefs) (https://ahrefs.com/site-audit): This popular SEO Service launched Link Opportunities at the end of 2020. It is based on the top 10 keywords that each page on the analyzed site is ranking for. It looks for mentions on the other pages of that same site and suggests a link between the page that includes the mention and the page that we want to promote for that keyword.
  • Site Audit - Semrush (https://www.semrush.com/siteaudit/): With this tool it is easy to discover broken links or pages that we can access after more than 3 clicks. Like Screaming Frog, it includes its own classification (called Internal LinkRank - ILR.) It classifies each of the pages according to their importance within the architecture of the site.
  • Internal.link (https://internal.link/en/): Tool that displays the current state of internal links. It analyzes the relationship between all the pages on a site, determines their PageRank, and identifies broken links.
  • Sitebulb (https://sitebulb.com/product/links/): This crawler provides actionable insights. Its internal linking tool examines the distribution of links within a website to ensure that the most important pages have more links.
  • Website Auditor - Link Assistant (https://www.link-assistant.com/website-auditor/): It allows us to get a graphic report of the website structure and locate orphan pages very quickly.
  • Wordpress Plugins. There are several internal linking tools specific to Wordpress; for example, Yoast. (https://yoast.com/help/how-to-use-the-yoast-seo-internal-linking-tool/): Once we install these internal linking tools, they analyze the content to propose links between posts, pages, tags or categories.

These tools are very useful in any SEO project because they speed up page crawling and automate finding opportunities for improvement.

However, the benefits of using innovative tools can go much further.

Applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to business is helping to automate many tasks that previously required much more conceptualization and development time. This allows experts to trust the improvements of these innovative tools and to dedicate themselves to strategy.

DWX InLinks is a next-generation tool that takes into account everything necessary to improve positioning.

This internal linking tool evaluates internal links based on the actual performance of the website pages (Search Console) and the internal linking evaluation (DWX Crawler).

Furthermore, it is able to understand whether or not a URL needs more internal links to improve its ranking.

This tool has a great differential value: it is based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. The system learns and iterates on its own decisions. Thus, the more it is applied to a project, the better results it offers.

DWX InLinks as a Link Building Tool

First, this tool identifies the URLs, which (with fewer internal links than the URLs that rank better) improve our positioning.

Secondly, it performs a validation of the target URLs thanks to its analysis on deduplication, prioritization and user behaviour on those URLs. 

(These first two steps are necessary to define which and how many URLs will be subject to internal linking enhancement.)

Thirdly, our software processes the data to determine the minimum volume of links that a URL needs to improve its rankings.

Lastly, the process is completed by inserting links in the most suitable URLs (to benefit the URLs targeted for enhancement.)

This process can be carried out on the entire website or on certain page sets, depending on the volume of pages. The page sets can be separated by topic, language, geography, etc.

However, the most important thing is that the process is carried out repeatedly because it is a solution based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. And although it offers good results from the beginning, they can be improved with the following processes.

The Benefits of an Automated Solution for Internal Linking

Common sense (alone) is not the best ally to make decisions about improvements in the structure and internal linking of a website with thousands of pages. It is more efficient to start with the automated analysis of the site. Thus, we will find the best possibilities of improving our positioning in the rankings. We can draw better conclusions with the obtained data than just applying common sense.

DWX InLinks is a SaaS SEO. It is safe and respects the data. It is also a reliable, robust, flexible and parameterizable software.

One of its strengths is that it is absolutely transparent to website users. This means that it does not affect the loading speed and that it is capable of adapting to the UX requirements with respect to link insertion.
Relying on an internal linking tool to improve the internal linking of a website guarantees the optimization of the SEO resources of an organization. It allows SEO professionals to optimize time and those valuable SEO resources. Therefore, they can conceptualize the ideal SEO strategy and the improvement of a website in the following years.

Learn how DWX InLinks would help your business to have its own, permanent and sustainable internal linking. Contact us!

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