DWX BETA Program

Become a DWX tester


You have the opportunity to be a part of Internet history (we made it epic, didn't we?), by joining the DWX BETA Program, our Data-driven SaaS SEO Technology.

After several years of testing and evolving our technology at eBay Classifieds Australia, we want you to join BETA to test the latest versions of our products and give us feedback.

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DWX team

Why participate in BETA?

  • Gain early access to new product features and enhancements.
  • Reduced prices and special discounts.
  • Interact with our developers directly.
  • An exclusive community of pioneer users.


Contact and enrollment information

For more information on the BETA program or if you want to enrol, complete the following form.

You can also book a demo here to learn about DWX InLinks and the DWX BETA program.

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